About Us



ROHMT is a ministry of Faith and Action. We seek to bring transformation in an individual by our ministry that combine Christian faith and Christian action. We strive to facilitate the building of God’s kingdom in our community and throughout the world. We are compelled to go and make disciples, baptizing them and teaching them to obey and observe all that Jesus commanded us. 
To let our local communities, know that your hope is in God through his son Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Wherever possible, we want to come alongside the local God-fearing Christians and Bible believing Churches, Pastors and Teachers to support and encourage. We provide encouragement, scholarships for higher education, medical support and teaching through the word of God to those who are hopelessly lost. Sponsored by ROHMT, many pastors are engaged in taking the gospel to remote locations and are encouraged to planting new churches. 

Mission Statement

Seeking to put God's love into action and express the love of Christ for all people through acts of service. We purpose to give glory to God in everything that we do. It is also our purpose and intent to enable or equip the church to grow to maturity and to go and make deciples.

Our Statement of Faith

This Statement of Faith is not intended to cover all Biblical truth but only to establish a basis for fellowship and cooperation so that we may "all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions." (1 Cor. 1:10)

Our Leadership

ROHMT has assembled an outstanding group of professionals who lead the activities of the Trust. In addition to the core team of executives, the Trust engages a talented group of senior scholars, adjunct faculty and staff, interns, and advisors who assist in the management and implementation of the programs of the Trust.

Mr. James Sundem


Mr. David Brown


Mr. Raymond Raj


Raymond was born in India into a humble preacher family. He is the youngest among the siblings and his parents served the Lord all the days of their lives.
After graduation, came to USA and completed master’s degree. For many years worked as an IT consultant serving in various cities, is now settled in Vancouver, WA along with his wife Nissi and son Kevin Raj. During this time of consulting, he became involved in ministry so as to fulfill the calling to serve “the least of these.” He is passionate about serving and as a pragmatist, saw the need in his own home town. With his gifts in visionary leadership, he started a charitable ministry in India, through which is able to reach out to those in need and serve the local community. Ray is employed in IT Department at a Health & Science University in Portland, OR. He is actively involved in local church and loves to travel.

Mr. Steve Stout


Steve was raised in a Christian home and attended Christian schools in the Clark County area where he has lived his entire life. For over 40 years, he worked in the transportation industry both in driving and management capacity. Steve has served the local church as Deacon, Elder, Men's ministry, and Mission Chairman. He has gone on many short term global trips, most notably for two weeks to India recently. His passion is to go and make disciples in all nations. Steve had been a wonderful inspiration and a great support to Ray of Hope Ministry Trust in bringing hope, peace, and comfort to the needy and deprived. Steve’s desire to serve unconditionally is indeed a great asset as he serves on the board. God has blessed Steve with a wonderful dedicated wife and as well as children and grandchildren.